Selecting an Online Slot Machine


Selecting an online slot machine.

Online slot machine works in the same way as the land one. Difference is that there are many options to choose from.

Due to the advancement in technology and software, the online casino sites keep introducing new games with different features of slot machines and here the decision making gets difficult.

But there is always a calculated and researched process behind some wise decision. Let’s see the process of choosing an online slot machine.

  1. Play free

Almost every online casino site offers free demo or practice version of their online slots.

Play the game and if required play the game as if you have bet your real money (Which is of course not true when playing free!)

Experiment with various slot machines available and then choose according to your priorities and ease of access.

  1. Balance in the wallet

Now the slot machines have spins on the reels that work on how much money you want to spend on each reel. And those who are strict with their money will find this step as their final deciding factor.

If you have limited amount of money for a day say 5$, then you will opt for the slot machine that gives you best number of spins with additional features within the 5$ you have for the day.

Suppose a slot machine gives you 20 spins per 25 cents, another gives you 100 spins for 10 cents before you run out of cash. Here you can choose the machine with greater number of spins. With greater number of spins come the greater chances of winning the cash.

  1. Choosing the type.

Suppose you have played the free slots. You may now have a fair share of knowledge about the slots. There are many kinds, from featured and pictured icons on the 5 reel slots to animated bonuses in the 5 reel video slots. It’s now your turn to choose the one that you know is the best with your skills. You can also choose from bigger reels like 5 reels or 10 that come with greater jackpots and bonuses.

  1. Payout Percent

It’s important since different ultimate slots machines have different payout properties. What is a payback percent?

It’s the average amount of cash that a slot machine gives per unit amount spent. That is the major difference between land and online slot machines. The later gives you 90% to 95%. To know about these one may go through their reviews on various online websites.

  1. Attraction and other features

This is for the players who have the experience of above 4 points. It’s of less importance when it comes to deciding factors.  Now you have the basic knowledge. We can move into the themes of the machines.

Many online slot machines have various themes, I.e. sound; video pictures and they are always changing; better say upgrading. Hence you can choose the one that gives you better form of entertainment.

Themes may include different adventures, colorful or sport etc. The players may choose what pleases them the most.


Jackpots are basically for the mature players who have played on many online slot machines. With increase in jackpot prizes and amount, the slot machines get expensive. But that’s additional. Important is to get the cash money with simple plying if you are here to play with real money.

Hence, choose the one that complies with your needs.