Know your Pay-table and Win Big- Ultimate Slots Review and Guide


Know your Pay-table and Win Big- Ultimate Slots Review and Guide

For many individuals and casino players, playing their favorite slot games means checking out the games catalog, placing a wager and making the spin. These are the obvious steps and requirements to play the game, because the slots will not be activated if the wagers are not in place, and the ‘Spin’ button is not selected. Although these are the right steps, there are not the only things that should be checked when playing the slot game.



Ultimate Slots

Players who focus only on these requirements are forgetting about one more critical aspect of the slot game- the pay table. That’s right, as a slot player and enthusiast, you also need to pay attention to your pay-table. This should serve as your guide when playing the game, and this is available in almost all types of slot games, including the Ultimate Slots from Spade Gaming. In this Ultimate Slots review, we pay attention to the importance of the pay-table, and discover what are the symbols that will bring you winnings when you play the game.


What to Expect from the Pay-Table

If you access the Ultimate Slots review, chances are it will cover information about the pay-table. The pay-table is an important component of a slot game, and a critical resource for the player who wants to enjoy and win the game. To access this resource, you simply need to click the pay-table button, and this is normally located at the bottom of the page or the gaming screen. If there is no direct access to the button, players can click on ‘Help’ and the game will lists down the instructions on how to access the pay-table. When you open the pay-table, you will be presented with all the symbols that are used in the game. And more than the listing of the symbols, you will also be provided with details on the kinds of symbols that pay more, or the high-paying symbols. Also, this resource will tell players the amount of credits or coins that can be won for matching certain symbols or items.


The special features and bonus rounds are also explained by the pay-table, making it easier for the player to understand the game. This should also tell the player the amount of jackpots that can be won, and other in-game features, like multipliers and free spins. In short, the pay-table is an important resource that every player should be aware of. And this same pay-table is also available in Ultimate Slots from Spade Gaming, and all players who want to play the game should explore first the pay-table.


Ultimate Slots High-Paying Symbols

Ultimate Slots features a pay-table, which lists down the high-paying symbols of the game. The best high-paying symbols of this game are the 7s which are available in different colors. Watch out for the 7s in blue since these are your high-paying symbols. Get all 9 of these, and the game will credit your account with an extra 100,000 credits or coins. Now, all these can be yours if you play the game right, and you have checked the pay-table and the Ultimate Slots review.