What you should know about Slot Machines


What you should know about slot machines

Slot is completely a game of luck and chance, and has now become one amongst the most popular methods of gambling in today’s time.

The mechanism of the slot machines-

A slot machine is a game of gambling, also called puggy or poker machine, and consists of three or more reels that start spinning when a button is pushed. It was first invented in 1891 in Brooklyn, New York, by Sittman and Pitt and its mechanism has been developed with the passage of time. The game was formerly operated with one lever attached to a side of the slot machine and has the capacity to leave the slot player in debt and bring to ruin and is therefore popularly known as an “one-armed bandit”. In fact, there are many modern slot machines that are still equipped with this legacy of lever. A currency detector is attached to these machines that checks and determines the accuracy of the money which is inserted to play. When the machine stops, it pays off according to the patterns of symbols that are seen on the front.


Some tips and fact files-

There are a few things that one must know about slot machines.

  • Like any other casino game, slot machines too have a house edge and their house edge is usually higher than that of other games. It is, therefore, the only casino game consisting of opaque odds.
  • Each spin is cent-percent random and is calculated separately. Every spin is autonomous from the other that comes before and after.
  • Having a player card doesn’t matter. It doesn’t increase the chances of winning as it is already mentioned above that each spin is calculated randomly.
  • Before starting the game and placing the bets, one must understand the odds. The more numbers one bets on, the higher are the chances of his winning. If the chip is placed on any one of the numbers, then the possibilities of hitting that particular number are low, and hence, the payout is pretty large.
  • The slot machines offer their players many bonus offers like 50% cash bonuses, 100% cash bonuses or 200% bonuses at numerous online casinos. Use your bonuses wisely. Not only the free spins that you get will help you enjoy the slot game for longer but also the cash bonuses.
  • This game constitutes more than 70% of the US’s total casino income with more than 8 lakh slot machines. US is the second country where slot machines are played the most. However, it is highly popular among the people of Japan. Near about 5 million slot machines are there in the country.
  • Slot machines contribute to addiction, if played continually.
  • Every time, the house edge will let you play in the long run. Never decide the number of games (ex: 100 or 200) that you are going to play and with the same keep in mind that you should not count or record them as you play. As doing such things will let you be more prepared for a loss in your playing session. So, when you are seemingly winning, go for the shorter sessions since they will work in your favor.