Stay Head of the Pack, Read a Monkey Thunderbolt Review


Stay Head of the Pack, Read a Monkey Thunderbolt Review

The never-ending energy of gaming enthusiasts continue to increase, as more and more players bet and wager every day in online casino games. This is the reason why online casinos are serious in creating new games and slots for gamers to enjoy and win. Among the casino games online, Monkey Thunderbolt is slowly showing the reasons why it’s one of the best games to try out today.


Concept of Monkey Thunderbolt

This Monkey Thunderbolt review highlights what players can gain from playing this slot. The story behind this slot game is the legendary Chinese story of a monkey that has taken a race to the top of the world. In this game the winning monkey is believed to be the first species to reach the sky before humans. However, since only one is to be declared as the winner, some monkeys have to take up the second and third place.

Exciting Benefits are Available for All Players

Besides the entertaining side of Monkey Thunderbolt and the amazing gameplay, this slot comes with exciting rewards for players. The background music for Monkey Thunderbolt adds excitement to the gameplay. There is no need to worry as this slot is so easy to deal with in terms of placing your bets. It only takes a while to master the game for most casino players, and even the beginner players can start winning in the first few rounds of the slot game. In terms of jackpots, Monkey Thunderbolt definitely has something for you with its exciting jackpot animation with multiplier and big rewards for every race. Every casino player, either new or experienced, is sure to get big winnings.

Monkey Thunderbolt betting

Generally, Monkey Thunderbolt’s objective is to let players wager on the monkey they think to be the next winner of the race. Casino does not restrict players’ wagers that are set. Besides betting on the champion monkey, players are allowed to bet on the monkey that will take the second and third spot in the game.  The champion will be regarded as the Monkey Thunderbolt King, which means a power to rule the world for 100 years.

Challenges to Face by Monkey Racers

Reaching the top of the world is not an easy thing to do. It requires the competitive skills to beat other racers. No monkey will be exempted when it comes to the rules of the game, as well as with the challenges to face along the way. Monkeys will encounter tough challenges and they can be hindered by random birds from reaching the top of the world. Another challenge to watch for is when the silk rope breaks. Failure to pass these challenges would simply mean game over.


The uniqueness of Monkey Thunderbolt is the reason why more players are not afraid to spend their money by betting on their monkey. This game is now carried by a number of casinos, including SCR888 which means that you can enjoy the game anywhere. And based on a Monkey Thunderbolt review, it’s also playable on Android and iOS devices.